Anzac Hours 2022

Anzac Hours 2022
So I totally realize we didn't do a weekly check in this week.... and would you look at that! It's Friday!
Easter Weekend was... hectic. The toddler had a playmate over and the broken arm didn't stop her from tearing about hell for leather.... I'm sure the Easter Chocolate didn't help hahahahah
I left her Dad to manage to manage her while I absconded to the backyard to assemble the new Greenhouse. Not a moment too soon.
We are all sore and tired.
It's been a fun week returning to work. All the MIST NZ stuff is loaded, and we even picked up a few odds and ends we don't normally carry. Check out our "While Stocks Last" Section on our website to find a bargain and let us know if it's something you want us to pick up full time.
A lot of the stock that we were waiting on over the loong weekend has arrived... and some sold out while we were waiting on it. LOL Always the way.
We will be closed on Anzac Monday. Mostly because I'm Aussie and to me it's a full day Public Holiday, not a half day. But Additionally.... childcare reasons. I'd like to think I'll make it to a Dawn Parade one of these years. It is important to us. But it might be a bit much with our rowdy 3 year old.
So we're here Saturday 23/4/22 10am-2pm and back again from 9am 26/4/22.
I believe that is the last Public holiday until June?
Anyway... cheerio
Amii and Ben